How Its Done

Design and Consultation

Being in the business since 1931, Yat Guan has years of experience and extensive networks to ensure our customer’s packaging design requirements are taken care of. 

Starting with our customer care consultants gathering  a clear understanding of our customers’ packaging needs, we will proceed to design our customer’s pallets / boxes with care.

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Manufacturing and Operations

Yat Guan has one of the largest pallet and crate operations in Singapore and Malaysia (J.B.). With continuing investments in training, machinery and automation, Yat Guan’s highly productive 3 acre production facilities are equipped to handle any pallet and boxes manufacturing.

Our manufacturing sites include all the equipment and machinery needed to meet your wooden pallets, crates and industrial lumber needs. We handle new pallets and refurbished pallets, and have a specialty in custom designed pallets, shipping crates and storage crates.

  • Semi-automated Small Log Processing Line 
  • On-site Nardi heat treatment and kiln dry chamber
  • Automated block processing unit
  • Optimized cross-cutting line 
  • Multiple assembly teams (capable of producing more than 1500 pallets a day)
  • A truck fleet for delivery